+33 Awesome Resources for the Freelance EFL Teacher in Japan

So you teach private English lessons?


→Online Schools←

 BestTeacher  : Skype Lessons + Audio Recording + Message Correction


Requirements: Test & Interview required.
Payment:  600~1,000 JPY/hr  (340JPY for 25 min lesson, 35JPY a correction, 10JPY for everything else)
Sadly, I failed the test. Wasn’t able to finish it (kid attacks etc.), but the test was hard.

Lyngo is another company with Japanese students.


Requirements: None (no exp. needed)
Perk: They provide training
Payment:  900~1,300 JPY/hr  (Paypal)
Applied and am still waiting for a response.

Eigox a new Japanese company that has a simple and strait forward design.


Requirements: Native Speaker, Send introduction video of self
Payment:  600 JPY/hr  (Paypal Only)
Simple strait forward site. Doesn’t supply any perks, such as teacher materials etc.

Cena Academy good company looking for high quality ESL tutors.


Requirements: Bachelors or higher, Teaching Credentials
Careful: Have interview lessons are not paid
Payment:  18 USD/hr  (Paypal Only)
Simple application form so I applied but haven’t heard back.

English Everywhere looking for high quality teachers with teaching experience.


Requirements: EFL/TOEFL qualification (necessary)
Payment:  ?? JPY/hr  (Paypal Only)
Mention several times that they are very strict and anyone with out teaching certificates will automatically be declined.

Hello English (http://www.helloenglish.us/) very small Japan oriented company.


Requirements: –
Payment:  ?? JPY/hr  (Paypal Only)
Application process is simple. Send an email with an introductory video of yourself. Thats it. (no response back yet)

E-Communication (ecominc.co.jp) good sized company based in Japan, with bilingual staff to help.


Perks: Access to online textbooks, videos etc.
Payment:  2,000 JPY or 16 USD/hr  (Bank Transfer / Paypal Only)
Send in a resume. Had two 5~10 minute interviews where you perform a mock lesson on the spot. If you live in Japan, you can opt for the higher JPY payment, but need to give them your My Number card.

YesNo  – Interesting online school but offered real life lessons only.

→Teacher DataBases←


Charges students by contact information.
~2 Contacts =  ¥1,800
~5 Contacts =  ¥2,800
Tutors: Free Account
Sign Up:  Very Easy, Simple profile page
Very popular site in Japan, with many teachers and stiff competition. Also, the business strategy doesn’t help the discovery of new teachers.


Charges students by contact information.
~5 Contacts =  ¥3,910
Price for tutors: Free
Sign up: Kind of Annoying – long form, but all straight forward information.
Also very popular site in Japan. I personally got a student from this site, relatively fast. Friends have also had good luck finding students here.


Price for tutors: Free
Price for students: Free
Sign up: 5 mins – Need to fill in alot of information, including schedule and interest, but they are all pull-downs or buttons.
Overall:  Very interesting site that is completely FREE for both Students and Teachers. On top of that, teachers are able to search students and email them, which is defiantly a feature I will be using.


Price Students: Free
Price Tutor: Free
Sign up: 10 mins – The process is pretty annoying. Picture is required right away. Need to select railway and station information right away.
Overall:  Student page is smartphone accessible *only smartphone* There is a clear and very customizable group lessons, location and schedule. Looks very promising.


Price Tutors: Free
Sign up: 1 min – super easy to create an account. You can set up your profile afterward.
Overall: Different than other sites. This is a job search site for ESL teachers. Created by ESL teachers for ESL teachers, it launched earlier this year. Excited to see what good can come of it.


Cost Teachers: Free
Cost Students:
Sign Up:  Account creation is easy, but there is a quick quiz on the site’s policy and guidelines.
Overall: The site uses its own coin based currency. Students buy anywhere fro 80 ~300 coins. Lessons average at 9 coins. What sets them apart, they have corporate plans, so you should see a good healthy amount of students.



Teachers: Free
Students: 5 contacts =¥3,500
Overall: The site is extremely simple, and really isn’t a beautiful at all. But it lists all the details students are looking for, and I was able to find students off of it relatively fast.

→Lesson + Resources←


Awesome site with over 10,000 Free worksheets, lesson plans,  projects and more.  You can search a specific lesson plan out, or browse by grammar, topic etc. Great site, will definitely be turning here first for resources.


Great site for the busy teacher. With Wordsmyth, just enter your student’s vocabulary list or troublesome words and create great high-quality vocabulary quizzes instantly.


Incredible start-up from Taiwan that gives incredible tools for English learners watching youtube videos. Turns an average youtube video into a learning lesson, with quizzes and vocab lists, etc.

Stickyball – Nothing Fancy, just good option for worksheets.
Film English – Video Lessons for free 
All Ears English – Free English Podcast
Go Natural English – Free Video Courses & Premium as well
Tripppin – Online courses free account, interactive
Anglo – Link  – Video and Written Lessons requires free account
Real-English – Video Lessons, with and without subtitles. Beginner friendly

→Organization + Management←

  1. bit.ly – Share and Manage links.
  2. Trello: Keeps track of everything.
  3. Evernote: The workspace for your life’s work.
  4. Dropbox: Free space up to 2GB.
  5. Yanado: Tasks management inside Gmail.
  6. Wetransfer: Free transfer up to 2GB.
  7. Pocket: View later, put it in Pocket.
  8. Mailtoself: An iOS extension to mail notes to yourself from any app.

→Billing + Online Payment←

There are tons of online resources  for Billing and Online Payments, but even if the company offers services in Japan, they usually tend to be different or cost more. So I narrowed down the top 5 providers in Japan. Unfortunately, as most Japanese things are all the links are in Japanese.

PayPal – Most well known and a safe bet. Overall, it isn’t the cheapest.
SPIKE – From my research, spike-free has the cheapest sur charges for small business. 
Stripe – Also very well known service, and offers service in Japan as well. 
WebPay –  Supports JCB, and offers reasonable prices
Yahoo!ウォレット FastPay – Also has very cheap sir charges depending on the price of purchase and supports JCB.

→Booking + Scheduling←

 Acuity Scheduling Good booking for free. Simple design.
Bookeo – for online booking ($20/mo)
HealCode – Very interesting features including Facebook App integration, multiple lesson and package deals etc.
Timely  – Very iOS 6 design. Has many features for multi-staffed business ($19/mo)
youcanbook.me – ($10/mo) pretty basic but great price.

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